Little giant blueberry plants are a new As Seen On TV product that gives each and every one of you the chance to start your very own blueberry garden at your house. Blueberry plants have long been for sale to average people like you and me by various blueberry farms but until recently they weren’t available through the Internet to anybody throughout the United States.

These little giant blueberry plants are brought to us by Blueberry Giant which is a long standing company within the ASOTV plant industry.

The blueberry plants have been coined mainly off of the claim that they are better than normal blueberry plants because they produce more and larger blueberries all while requiring less maintenance than a normal blueberry plant. In fact, the company states that a few plants can provide bowls full of blueberries each and everyday during the whole blueberry harvesting season.

As said before, these plants have been around during the blueberrys season for two straight years and blueberry giant is now gearing up for a 3rd year of these little giant blueberries. If the product has been around for so long then there must be something to it.

Currently the company sells these blueberry plants at a price of 2 plants for $10 + shipping and handling but we have been hearing rumors that this year that will change and they will be selling 3 plants for $10. Personally I think that you should go ahead and try these plants out and see. It’s a small invest of $20 so if they die you aren’t really out much but in the other case if they live and grow you could be enjoying tons of fresh, pesticide free little giant blueberries for years to come while not paying another dime.